Molly Nilsson & MGMT In The USA

We are overjoyed that Molly Nilsson will be on tour with MGMT in the USA. Like all good things, sometimes it just takes time.

Here are the dates:

12 May @ SoDo – Seattle, WA *with MGMT
13 May @ SoDo – Seattle, WA *with MGMT
15 May @ The Warfield – San Francisco, CA *with MGMT
16 May @ The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA *with MGMT
18 May @ Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, CA *with MGMT
19 May @ San Diego Civic Theatre – San Diego, CA *with MGMT
20 May @ Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ *with MGMT

Go and say hi.

25 April 2018

Cucina Povera: Hilja 2nd Press Shipping Now

Maria Rossi’s debut, originally released at the end of January, has taken Cucina Povera’s sound to every corner of the globe. Originally released in an edition of 300 with a screenprinted sleeve by Roos Dijkhuizen, we’ve now repressed Hilja with a standard 3mm spine printed sleeve. If anything, the Dijkhuizen’s art is richer, deeper, revelling in more detail than the more analog screened version.

Order from the Night School Shop

Cucina Povera performs around the UK in May and June:

April 21st – Wetware / The Pipe Factory, Glasgow
May 4th – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
May 6th – Sounds From The Other City Festival – Manchester
May 11th – Queens Hall, Edinburgh with Poppy Ackroyd
June 9th – Blackest Ever Black presents: David Fenech / Jac Berrocal / VIincent Epplay (TRIO) + Cucina Povera (solo)

16 April 2018

Choose Life Album Launch

To celebrate the release of Choose Life, we’re throwing an epic party with our favourite bands, friends and party-starters. Surely no one needs any introduction to these people but let’s do one anyway:


When Sacred Paws launched their first release back in 2015 (was it 2015? 2016?) on Rock Action, they invited Apostille to play the launch. In an attempt to embarrass / flatter them I covered their song San Diego. It was a beautiful evening and they’re one of the most exciting, fun, rollercoaster-speed pop groups in THE WORLD. Since that evening they’ve toured the world, recorded the best Scottish album of 2017 in Strike A Match and are now a full-band, full-of-life extravaganza. I love them.


Where would Glasgow and I be without Happy Meals? Happy Meals played the first Glasgow Night School All-Dayer in May 2015, back then they were irresistibly charming, playing backing tracks off cassettes and just beginning to realise their ability to reach out, connect psychically with the audience. Since then they’ve released 2 albums on Night School, toured the world, flattened festivals and brought profound Happiness everywhere. I love them.


I worked hard on my record. I’m trying to break out comfort zones, more connection, more interaction, less aggression, more session. My friend, superstar bass player Moe Meade aka Lady Neptune is now 1/2 of Apostille. I’ll be playing a set first at this. I love it.


My Resident Advisor. One of the most intuitive and fun DJs I know. A highlight of the last 5 years for me is Stephen dropping Chaka Demus & Pliers Tease Me at the CCA prompting mass crowd surfing in the downstairs cafe. I love him.


Two EXPERT party selectors from Sweden. You’ve not lived if you’ve not heard Darude or Toploader at full volume in the Vic Bar with all your drunk friends. I love them both.

8:30 – 3am
OTD: £10

– Michael

Young Guv: 2 Sad 2 Funk

We’re overjoyed to be working with our favourite power pop weirdo Young Guv. 2 Sad 2 Funk is available to listen to NOW and we have a smattering of limited edition Test Presses shipping this week. These are limited to 100.

Nothing is ever as it seems with Young Guv, but it always feels good. At first glance cloaked in a bold, ready-made distance, 2 Sad 2 Funk reveals itself over time to be an emotional, perfectly crafted, detourned pop record. Young Guv is the creation of Toronto-based auteur Ben Cook, an artist with over a decade playing guitar and singing in hardcore punk groups and a long discography of Young Governing. On 2 Sad 2 Funk, Guv pushes the power pop motif to its natural, 21st post-structuralist conclusion: it’s an album ridden with the cultural noise that bleeds through human interaction, distorting relationships and eroding that great Luv you thought you had. Audibly referencing everything from classic guitar pop The Toms or Dwight Twilley through Prince-ian ecstasies to a buried, trancegressive House music, the attention deficit belies a modern age plagued by distraction and performance anxieties. These days, the heart can break in new ways.

14 March 2018

Record Store Day

Forgive me for providing a little private perspective on Record Store Day. Night School is not my full-time occupation, it’s an independent label run in the hours between my day-job and sleep, on weekends instead of Sunday Roasts, in the early hours of the morning instead of dreaming.

As such, I can afford to take risks out-with the realms of strict commerce. I have a regular income which means Night School can take a chance on sometimes marginalised voices, artists who have no access to the sort of support networks we’ve built up over the past 6 years. Sometimes these chances pay off and we connect an artist with an audience, sometimes they don’t pay off and we lose a bit of money. The fact I’m not paying myself from the label means the label is viable using this model for the time-being.

For the past 12 years or so I’ve worked in independent record stores during the day and have felt blessed to do so. For a time, record shops that specialise in vinyl records were facing mass extinction and indeed, many of our favourite record shops around the globe didn’t survive the music industry’s abandoning of vinyl in the 90s. Some did, however, and many more are continuing to open due to the resurgence in interest in owning beautiful, physical artefacts, objects infused with meaning and the music we hold dear.

Record Store Day is an annual event fraught with anxiety for many people involved, something that’s become an almost necessary evil. From my own experience working in the stores that this event has helped over the last 11 years, Record Store Day is a massive boost, a help with overheads, it’s something that elicits cynical responses from many but ultimately I firmly believe I wouldn’t have had some of the jobs I’ve had down the years if this massive, commercial, cynical, capitalistic behemoth hadn’t come and publicised an industry that was on its last legs. I completely understand the arguments against Record Store Day. For many small labels, our releases get delayed or pushed back in favour of pressings from big major labels intent on boosting profit margins, ironic since they have only recently started pressing vinyl again on any sort of scale.

However, Night School has decided to take part in Record Store Day 2018. It’s always been our aim to provide an alternative voice in a crowded cultural landscape and for such a mainstream event masquerading as alternative culture, I feel this is important. The simple fact is that if Night School releases a record on Record Store Day, it and the artist will reach more people than if they didn’t. And besides, as someone who has worked at 7 of them, they can be fun events that encourage new people to get into this thing we do. And that’s our aim as producers and partakers, right? April 2018 will see the release of two records we would have made anyway but nonetheless it’s thrilling to think of someone finding a Molly Nilsson record next to Noel Gallagher and wondering, “what’s this?”

Molly Nilsson‘s debut album These Things Take Time will be released on a limited pressing on clear vinyl. At present, a second hand copy of the 2014 edition is £100 second hand, so we’d love to get this into people’s hands at a more reasonable price.

And Sorrow’s – aka Rose McDowall and Robert Lee – post Strawberry Switchblade album Under The Yew Possessed will be available on vinyl for the first time. Like our version of Cut With The Cake Knife, this edition will feature a new interview with Rose and exclusive photos, plus re-designed artwork.

We hope you have a great day on April 21st if you choose to take part. We’ll be here the other 364 days of the year too

-Michael Kasparis

7 March 2018

Molly Supporting MGMT

Molly Nilsson is currently supporting MGMT on tour in Europe. I’m so, so excited for all the people who’ve never heard these songs to hear them for the first time. It’s like when your best friend hasn’t seen your favourite film, you’re just so happy for them that they get to see it for the first time.

Get there early.

Tour dates below and more info here:

  • 30 January @ Huxley’s – Berlin, Germany
  • 2 February @ Paradiso – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 3 February @ Acienne Belgique – Brussels, Belgium
  • 5 February @ La Cigale – Paris, France
  • 6 February @ Electric Brixton – London, U.K.
3 February 2018

Hilja: Now Shipping

Now shipping, the debut album by Cucina Povera, Hilja. 1st edition with screenprinted sleeves by Roos Dijkhuizen.

Hilja is abstract, perhaps, but its also completely of this world. Rossi’s voice, itself a rich, powerful instrument, builds hymns from realism. Touchstones include fellow Finnish minimalists Fonal records, or in the ambient synth pads the early work of Jon Hassell’s Fourth World meditations, but Rossi’s landscape is entirely her own. A strange, comforting yet errie place to stop and take stock in.

Really proud of this beautiful record. A collaboration with Domestic Exile. Support your local scene.


24 January 2018

Happy Meals…

Happy Meals is an idea. It’s more than a band, it’s a pointer to the future where the old order has crumbled away, corporate intellectual property laws are in tatters (we still haven’t received a letter from Ron), we’re post-Capital and making the world we want. It’s easy to dream but sometimes you have to do something about it. Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook are just people really but they’re trip advisors for where we’re going. Hyperbole and flowersome language aside, they’re also my friends.


This was the first music I heard coming from my hometown that really hit when I returned here after 10 years in the wilderness. To me it speaks directly, it’s playful but serious and like aural sunshine in differing intensities. There’s something alchemical in fact, in that Rodden can sing simply about where she’s going on holiday (I’m paraphrasing here) and yet the message transcends the medium. It’s the truth. We released the band’s debut album Apéro and they built what they wanted to see in the world from scratch. When it was time to do Fruit Juice, the extended, more-developed sound of Happy Meals, Lewis came to me with this idea of hand marbling the outer sleeves and designing a fanzine to go with the record.

What followed was a mad few weeks wherein we discovered that hand-marble painting over 500 sleeves isn’t as easy as the words it takes to describe it. There were also some Spinal Tap-esque miscalculations on how much paint we’d need and how much it would cost. Happy Meals enlisted so many friends to help that if we were to have given a free record to everyone that helped that would have been the pressing gone. I can still smell the oil fumes in the furthest reaches of my sinuses. I’m immensely proud that we’ve gotten to the point of repressing Fruit Juice (with a standard 3mm spend cover alas), on CD for the first time with remixes from our friend Jim Donadio (Prostitutes/Stab U Down Productions) and myself, but I’m even more proud of wherever this band will go next.

– Michael

19 January 2018

Molly Nilsson: The Travels Repress

In a previous life, one of my jobs was to search out and stock artists for an independent record store in London, artists who had often slipped through the cracks of a staid, predictable music industry – either wilfully or because they just didn’t conform. Though this job was separate to running a DIY record label, it was always instructive seeing both sides of the process. One Monday morning in 2010 a small batch of CDrs and a vinyl record were left for me with a polite note from someone called Molly Nilsson, a Berlin-based artist who had just played a show in London the night before.

The design of the CDs was striking and from the first bars of the very first song it was immediately apparent this was something special. The events that lead on from my hearing first hearing Molly Nilsson to the present day are storied and numerous, so I’ll keep it brief. After an email exchange wherein I tried to restrain my overbearing enthusiasm, I offered to help Molly in any way I could; I just wanted to get this music to as many people as possible. From this exchange, I helped Molly with some press releases for her next record History and then we agreed to collaborate on her 5th album, The Travels. I can place many exciting things that happened with Night School from this decision and time but right now I feel the most important thing that happened was that it lead to an enduring friendship with Molly that’s taken in many gigs, tours, releases, fun nights and great breakfasts.

The Travels is special for these and so many other reasons. Like all of Molly’s music, it strikes a perfect balance between personal experience and universal outlook, hewing expertly constructed songs that both cut deep and uplift the heart. The original vinyl pressing of The Travels consisted of a standard LP and a spiral picture disc, all of which came with a “Safe Travels” condom. This time around, we’re keeping it simple with a Clear Vinyl repress, limited to 500 copies. From the first “Hello.. Hello..?” refrain of Worlds Apart, it already feels like a classic, at least in this small corner of the world we call our own.


8 January 2018