Box Of Dark Roses, the final Mope Grooves album

Listen to first single Forever Is A Long Time here

Mope Grooves

Box Of Dark Roses


Vinyl 2LP/Digital

2LP – Black Vinyl with large fold out poster zine with liner notes and lyrics written by stevie

European edition: 500

(Please note, 12XU is releasing this album in North America+Asia, please head here)

All profits resulting in the sale of Box Of Dark Roses will be donated to Survived and Punished and to individual survivors of SA/DV

Through the fog of our grief in the wake of the earth-shattering loss of our beloved angel Stevie, on this day which would have been her 35th birthday, we announce the release of Mope Groove’s final album; Box of Dark Roses. A 27 song 2 disc LP of songs that Stevie prepared for release before she left. Rest in peace sweet angel. We love you forever. 

“If i’m ever hard to get a hold of u can find my whole heart in here.”

-Stevie (from the album’s liner notes)

Stevie provided the following statement on the album before her departure: 

“all artist profits and digital proceeds will be redistributed in perpetuity to incarcerated or formerly incarcerated survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, especially the many women and other gender marginalized ppl incarcerated for defending themselves against their attackers. funds will be allocated to the Survived and Punished NY Mutual Aid Fund, a comparable organization, or directly into commissary funds or fundraisers of incarcerated survivors.

“box of dark roses is a 27 song LP where the same images repeat and repeat until you might have some idea of what roses have to do with armed struggle, trans autonomy, losing your house (again), angels, women political prisoners, violence returned to sender, suicided poets, refusing to recant, insisting on life, & how the revenge of twenty billion screaming ghost women could unmake the worst of all possible worlds”

Liner notes, lyrics, and full credits

performance by stevie (lowercase, no last name, she/her), cap (lowercase, no last name), Lee Butterfield (they/them), Penny Olives (she/her), Elias Williamson (they/them), Izzy Dupuis, Ana Díaz Sacco (she/they), Clinton O’Brien, Evan Mersky, Ana María Rodríguez (she/her), Ray Aggs (they/them), & Kyle Raquipiso”

28 June 2024