Ela Orleans: Movies For Ears

Without a doubt, one of Europe’s premier underground sound artists and musicians, Ela Oleans is a light amongst the grey. An artist we’re proud to have a long history and friendship with, we’re extremely excited to be working on this special collection of Orleans’ pop songs spanning her 20 year career.

Movies for Ears is a personal collection of forlorn but joyous balladry and playful songs full of humour and sadness. It will feature extensive new sleeve notes and unpublished photos.

In the words of Stephen Pastel:

“I love Ela’s music, even though we’re friends I like to think of myself as some kind of ultimate fan battling through inadequate subtitling trying to find the best meaning, understanding the nuances of everything going on, in words, phrase and gesture. If Ela plays pop, which is I think the idea of this incredible collection, I have to say that I’m not sure if it is exactly pop, because pop is about feeling slightly blank, uncrowded. With Ela’s music I feel emotional, engaged, very crowded. I can’t help but feel she’s always looking for a sense of belonging and it seems to inform all the music that she makes. Glasgow must have more of that belonging feeling than most cities because she’s spent the most time here, an exotic bird in a rainy city she maybe finds a lttle bit of comfort in. It’s a pleasure to have her here, in this awful time to be living in Britain, her illuminations feel important and hopeful. A stubborn light; someone making great timeless music out of the humdrum of the everyday.”

Pre-order MOVIES FOR EARS: An Introduction To Ela Orleans here

13 February 2019