Erasers, Constant Connection is out today

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but here in Glasgow the sun if bright and high. Big chunks of the stuff streaming through the window at Night School HQ, illuminating small particles of dust and life swimming about in the blissed-out drone that bathes the air, courtesy of @erasersduo and their album Constant Connection. I’d first been talking to Erasers a couple of years ago as they toured the UK and Europe and when they sent me this, their third album, it was an instant fit. The pulsing synth chords, warm as 6am in the desert’s new day, the restrained, searching guitar and the frequency ecstasy achieved by Rebecca Orchard’s vocal interacting with the music, it’s a balm, a spirit-lifter.
Constant Connection is out today on Forest Green Vinyl, Black Vinyl and Digital. There are relevant links in the bio but head to Fire Talk in the states, or the band in Australia. EU tour dates soon.

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22 April 2022