Frankie Rose introduces Love As Projection

Night School is so excited to share Anything, the first single from Love As Projection, the new album by Frankie Rose. Resplendent with a glorious pop chorus, layers of textured harmony and a giddy immediacy, Anything is one of the catchiest and endorphin-generating songs you’ll hear this year.

Love As Projection signals Frankie Rose’s emergence into the realm of contemporary electronic pop, a rebirth for one of the most respected songwriters in the underground. Recorded with producer Brandt Gassman and mixed with long-term collaborator Jorge Elbrecht this is the album Frankie Rose has been building up to her entire career.

More than a resurgence, Love As Projection boasts a widescreen scope: a long- form project heavily considered for half of a decade, culminating in the most personal and accessible collection of art-pop that Frankie has ever written. When Rose aims for the pop jugular as in first lead track Anything, the result is unstoppable. A majestic pop song built for radio, it erupts into an irresistible
chorus that marries classic epic 80s American pop (think peak Belinda Carlisle) with the cult effervescence of Strawberry
Switchblade “It’s like a prom scene in a John Hughes movie. It’s a hopeful song about abandoning fear even if the world is quite literally on fire.. In the end, at least we have each other,” says Rose.

Love As Projection is released on March 10th and is available on:

Amethyst-In-Glass Vinyl LP / CD / Digital on Slumberland in North America

Blood-In-Glass Vinyl LP / CD / Digital on Night School in UK/Europe: PREORDER HERE.

Listen on your favourite Digital platform here.

Photo by Esme Rogers Smith
Art & Design by Bill Connors

5 January 2023