Frankie Rose, Love As Projection, out today.


Love As Projection


Vinyl: Blood In Glass UK Exclusive / Black Vinyl / CD


Bright, beautiful sunny day here in Glasgow’s fading winter. It’s so beautiful that we’re blasting Frankie Rose’s new album to celebrate its arrival into this weird world. We received our copies of Love As Projection this week and it’s so dreamy. This album is without a doubt one of my favourite releases I’ve ever worked on, just peerless pop music that’ll appeal to fans of label regulars Molly NilssonStrawberry SwitchbladePatience. It’s a sparkling fantasy of a record, a wonderful statement of intent and euphoric pop music that has been fuelling me these last few months.

We’re currently working to bring Frankie Rose to Europe and the UK soon. In the meantime, Frankie just announced a North American tour with SRSQ. A reminder that in North America you can buy Love As Projection from Slumberland, who we’ve partnered with to release over there.

I hope the record brings you some joy.

10 March 2023