J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest makes Whoopee

Guess who’s back? Back again? From out of nowhere – if nowhere is the febrile, warped and twilit imagination of Julia McFarlane – comes Whoopee, the second album by J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest. Whoopee is an esoteric, kaleidoscopic movie in music form directed by Julia McFarlane and co-conspirator Thomas Kernot. Full of life, breakbeats and smokey vignettes on the fragile nature of interpersonal relationships, Whoopee is a stylistic evolution from everything McFarlane has done before. Surreal, beautiful in parts and replete with the aching wisdom McFarlane’s songwriting has always promised, this Reality Guest pulls back the curtain on a whole scene of naked truth.

I’m extremely thrilled to be teaming up with J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest and Felt Sense Records in Australia to drip this weird, affecting, strange as album into the world. 

Releases January 2024 UK Vinyl Edition of 300 / AUS Edition of 200

8 December 2023