Molly Nilsson: Extreme. The new album, coming January 2022.

Photo byGraw Böckler

Molly Nilsson’s new album Extreme will be released digitally on January 15th, with vinyl and CD versions available from January 28th.

Molly Nilsson returns after a three-year recording hiatus with “Absolute Power”, the first track from her new album, ‘EXTREME’ out 15th January 2022 via Dark Skies Association / Night School Records.

‘EXTREME’ is Nilsson’s tenth album in 13 years of underground cult stardom that has established her as the people’s champion and voice of the heart, it’s an album that both soars with confidence and offers tender consolation.
The 15th January is the date of Rosa Luxemberg’s murder – the Polish Marxist economist, anti-war activist, philosopher and revolutionary socialist has been an inspiration to Molly Nilsson and it is the day she is commemorated in Berlin.

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12 October 2021