Molly Nilsson: Hey Moon for Black Lives Matter

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Hey Moon is probably Molly Nilsson‘s most popular song. Originally released in 2008 on her self-released debut album These Things Take Time – a hand-burnt CDr with folded “origami” artwork – it became one of her earliest successes, reaching out to the lonely wherever they heard it. Though it remains one of Nilsson’s most popular songs she never plays it live and has come to distance herself from it. A few years after its release it suddenly became the property of other people, in a sense. Covered, used on television programmes, it slipped from her sphere.

It’s time to reclaim Hey Moon. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Nilsson’s label Dark Skies Association and Night School are teaming up to release a 7″ of Nilsson’s Hey Moon backed with a rare early song, Silver. All profits for the sale of this digital and physical release will be donated to Black Lives Matter. Hey Moon 7″ will be available direct through Dark Skies Association, Night School Bandcamp and in your favourite local record store soon. We’re anticipating it to be ready by the end of March. We’re thrilled to already have sold so many of these and to be able to donate a sizeable sum.

“In case anyone was wondering, I’m a lifelong supporter of Antifa. Like most of us, I was appalled by what we saw in DC this week and by the people present there. In response to this DSA and Night School Records have decided to release a 7” single of my original song Hey Moon (2008), with ALL PROFITS from the sale donated to BLACK LIVES MATTER worldwide.”

– Molly Nilsson, 2021.

3 February 2021