Molly Nilsson: The Travels Tapes


Molly Nilsson‘s The Travels is now available to buy on cassette. Limited to 100, risographed sleeves – order here.

On the continuing journey that is Molly Nilsson’s The Travels, we come to a significant signpost. Twisting around the compartments of the listener’s mind in ever-revolving perpetuity, the eternal evidenced in ferric tape, Molly Nilsson’s The Travels arrives in glorious cassette manifestation.

Featuring exclusive artwork calibrated to induce an internal locked-groove, each life-affirming, hypnotic moment on The Travels is able to be played back forever, winding around the space between receiver and conceiver, both agents mutually embraced in a passionate struggle bereft of malignity. Dear life, you felt so close.

30 August 2013