Centurion Travel EP 7″ Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets’ debut 7″ follows astounding releases on Night People and Sex is Disgusting records and represents a leap in focus. While previous releases have seen the group obfuscated by tape hiss and bedroom recording fidelity, Centurion Travel sees their sound crystalized into a sparkled evocation.

The result is a sharp synthesis that recalls pop and dance musics eroded by time and intent, drum machines and consumer electronics helmed by Walker’s incisive and increasingly droll text. Highly evocative of a collective mass memory, both music and voice suggest forms that the listener may be familiar with but re-arranged into a jagged version of the recollection. Most importantly, Bomber Jackets retain a celebratory enthusiasm for pop music and its possibilities.

Artwork by Bill Kouligas. Recorded by Tom Hirst. Bomber Jackets are a three piece consisting of Russell Walker (Pheromoans), Dan Bolger (Pheromoans) and Sian Dorrier (Plug).

  1. Larching 03:50
  2. Centurion Timeline 01:52
  3. Male Bimbos 02:20
  4. Male Bimbos (Design A Wave Remix) 02:42

Released 18 June 2012