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Released originally at the tail end of 2012, Divorce’s eponymous LP has set new standards in genre defying, sadistic noise rock. Now seeing a CD release, Divorce is accompanied by a second disc chronicling the band’s post-Optimo Records output.

Singles is the first time many of these songs have been available in digital form and it documents a band growing in confidence, ambition and ferocity. From early cuts on Night School through a plethora of UK independent labels’ releases, each song warps the Divorce dynamic in different ways and hints at the now-established new baseline for intensity that is Divorce 2013.

Here’s a reminder of the first Divorce 7″ on Night School:

Recorded by Ali Walker at Glasgow’s Arc Studio & Devil’s Own Studio, Divorce finds the band pushing their furious sound further than ever before; a torrent of pummeling rhythms and serrated, overdriven riffs, extended freak outs and ecstatic push and pull dynamics. They have also explored their experimental tendencies more, incorporating power-electronics, white noise and, on the track Stabby (Stabby) Stab, free-jazz saxophone (courtesy of guest musician James Swinburne). All this, combined with an over-arching determination to take their music to new limits structurally and sonically, makes Divorce a unified audio experience. Divorce are Jennie Fulk (vocals), Vickie McDonald (guitars), VSO (bass) and Andy Brown (drums).

Released 1 March 2013

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