Nature’s Wind Mixed Wine With Lethe The Rebel

Ben ‘The Rebel‘ Wallers handed two cassettes he hand-dubbed in the early naughties for Night School to excavate and this is the first.

Country Teasers’ Ben Wallers inhabits an nth dimension of his own creation, a dimension explained and expanded by his alter-ego The Rebel (Sacred Bones, Junior Aspirin). Although, let’s be frank, where the alter and the ego divide is unclear. Crammed into a wobbly Fostex, this set contains future Rebel classics I Like The Cock, I Don’t Live In London Any More and I Force Melford To Resign Because Basically He Is A Shit Butler and this is the first time it will be available in full since its original release. Superhumanly prolific and at times touched with incisive genius, The Rebel’s music is part surrealistic unter-class poesy and part grotesque satire. A homemade conglomeration of techniques and signatures – warped country music, primitive electronics and ceaseless lyrical invention make up The Rebel’s sound.

  1. I Like The Cock 01:42
  2. Chronic Bellyache 03:04
  3. Nurse, Nurse, Nurse, Nurse! 01:03
  4. Black Policeman 01:34
  5. Dog Raffle (Trad.) 00:56
  6. Corporal Rabbitfood 04:41
  7. Nature's Wind Mixed WIne With Lethe 05:07
  8. I Don't Live In London Anymore 01:44
  9. Ballad Of The Absent Mare (L. Cohen) 06:49
  10. The Company Tour Australia 01:38
  11. Raglan Top Of Lonsdale Grey 02:37
  12. Torriano-Southall-Walford 01:53
  13. You Will Die 04:28
  14. Fanny Magnet 00:35
  15. I Force Melford To Resign Because He Is Basically A Shit Butler 05:16
  16. Assfuckstation Initialized! 02:31

Released 12 March 2012

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