New Gorbals Gabber Lady Neptune

Limited to 100 Cassette, with fold out insert on green shell cassette.


Originally formulated in London as a performing alter-ego for nascent singer-songwriter and fashion student Moema Meade, Lady Neptune has been an ongoing work that has evolved from distorted guitar dirges, bass-heavy synth pop music into its current Hi NRG 4am experimental Gabber nadir. New Gorbals Gabber is monstrous and glorious. Informed by goblinzed cave dwelling nu metal aesthetics, cheap ‘n’ nasty instrumentation but above all, peeking like an elvin proboscis around the corner of your mind, is an unstoppable knack for hooks that elevates these compositions to channels for new planes of ecstasy.

Mostly performed live using an Electribe sampler/sequencer with synths, New Gorbals Gabber feels like a live recording at the rave in the final circle of Dante’s Inferno. How much fun does that sound? We’re talking Lucifer’s Manumission, Hanger 666. Meade-as-Neptune is an impish presence, Jekyll and Hyding from dirt-eating goblin to glacial pop supernova Number 1 Angel. Revolution’s bass riff and obscure crowd samples build with a arpeggiated bass synth that swirls around the Hardcore beat, threatening a Bloody Fist-style production yet staying within a dub sound world, heavy delays fading out into the first Pop moment. Twizt introduces Lady Neptune’s vocal processing technique and an unashamed, massive trance synth riff that reeks of foam parties and festivals no one pays into. It falls into Number 1, which borrows from PC Music tropes for a breakneck treatise on self-confidence. It feels deceptively simple, but the music is so intuitive and perfectly executed – mostly honed by playing parties and raves around Glasgow, the drops tease and fall off, it’s just so relentless. Relentlessly, unstoppably, powerfully fun.

Sonic Light is one of 3 big moments on the E.P. Like all great pop music it tears you apart and puts you back together in its own image, it’s so immediate it makes you wonder why music can’t be louder, why can’t you listen to it twice at the same time. Just as you’re waiting for the next chorus it’s finished. Wait, is it only just one chorus for under 2 minutes? Perfect. The worst thing about this music is that it eviscerates you and then leaves you scattered, needing to go out and feel the darkness, feel the fresh hell course through ya and out again. Get 2 Know U is the sound of hell falling away, the final big moment, it’s Sandstorm or SOPHIE, pumped up and angelic, everyone isn’t a star, they’re an angel for someone, for themselves. Why can’t we – that’s every living thing – listen to this song infinity times at the same time, blowing up our consciousness so we merge with all infinity. Lady Neptune, it’s good to know you.