Tragedy Julia Holter

Like many, we were left stunned by the beauty of Julia Holter’s Tragedy, released on the consistently great Leaving Records last year. So it’s with joy and much, much pride that we were able to offer to press it on CD for the first time.

Unknown to most critics and listeners was the fact that the original vinyl version of Tragedy, as lush and cinematic as it was, was an abridged version. This will be the first time Julia Holter’s vision will be realised to the full. Tragedy¬†showcases Holter’s exploration of different sonic textures and compositional techniques, elements which she evolves into achingly beautiful pop songs. These songs form a suite based on the Ancient Greek play Hippolytus, a narrative that reveals itself slowly over the duration of the album but that does not detract from the universal beauty of the compositions. Eroded opera and field samples, sweeping synthesisers and mediative structures frame each song – giving it breathing space and allowing each nuance to fully captivate – while, above all, Holter’s effortless, heartfelt voice crystallises each moment perfectly. This cd version of Tragedy¬†features extended tracks, interludes missed out from the LP and a fuller representation of Holter’s original intentions.

  1. Introduction 03:10
  2. Try To Make Yourself a Work of Art 06:54
  3. The Falling Age 09:25
  4. Goddess Eyes 03:25
  5. Interlude 02:32
  6. Celebration 09:49
  7. So Lillies 07:25
  8. Finale 08:05

Released 17 April 2012