Person L Now Shipping

Stacian’s Night School debut, Person L has had a long gestation period, a true labour of love, and is now shipping. We’re extremely proud of this release, it represents a fully realised vision by Oakland based Dania Luck, a cold wave pop record riddled with techno excursions and analog electronics.

Order/Listen here.

Beginning in the American Mid West, Stacian has been an ongoing Bay Area concern since 2008, deeply involved in the minimal wave and underground electronic music scene. A dystopian vision of alienated humanity, broken communications and technoid mal-forms, Person L is her most fully developed full length and a leap forward from 2012’s Songs For Cadets. Moving away from the primitive Cold Wave of previous work, Person L manages to create a bleak dystopia without relying on Ballardian cliche, though still invoking concrete prisons and urban disassociation. Person L is a throbbing, murky underworld that revels in imperfections, a submersive, digital swamp bleeding through the club.

4 October 2017