Monorail is 15

As you know, we’re incredibly proud to be part of Glasgow’s independent music community in the many forms it takes. The local record shop Monorail Music is central to the city and a lifeline to many. If nothing else, it provides an outlet for marginalised voices and, on a practical level, a day job for yours truly so Night School can exist. Monorail is 15 years old in December, sharing a birthday with its parent cafe Mono.

We’re so, so excited to welcome back Molly Nilsson to play a one-off set at Monorail’s 15th birthday party. Molly’s songs are special to us, each one their own lifeline in times of both need or joy. It’s a stellar line up and, you know, we like to party.

– Michael

til 2am.

22 November 2017

Rose McDowall: Our Twisted Love

We are very excited to announce the latest recordings by Rose McDowall. Our Twisted Love E.P. is the most contemporary recorded document by Rose McDowall and marks her return to touring and recording.

Recorded with her long-serving band, it continues her exploration of psychedelic folk forms and, particularly in the near 9 minute title track, showcases her minimalist, affecting songwriting to shimmering effect.

Limited to 500 on Black Vinyl, 12: Ep. With Insert and Download Card

You can listen / pre-order in the Night School Shop or via Monorail / Rough Trade / Norman / Revolver USA / Boomkat / Picadilly Records

12 May 2017

Helena Celle’s debut, reissued on vinyl

In June 2016, Night School issued a short-run cassette of Helena Celle‘s debut album If I Can’t Handle Me At My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst. A fierce, inquisitive mind active in Glasgow’s underground culture, Helena Celle – aka Kay Logan – recorded her debut using faltering machinery recorded live and loud to consumer dictaphones. The results are rich, emotive and out of this world. We’re proud to announce that the album is now available on vinyl. Photos courtesy of Bleep.

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You can also check out an interview with the artist over at FACT by following this link.

24 November 2016

Introducing… The Flexibles


The Flexibles announce their debut full length LP on Night School, entitled Pink Everything. The Flexibles are a trio comprised of Sorley Youngs (guitar/vox), his father Richard (electronics) and Andrew Paine (bass).

Pink Everything is a concept album about an alternative universe, a mirror-image of our own where the imagination paints in utopian brushstrokes. Sorley Youngs’ lyrics are rolling poems, oblique views of planet earth that dare to imagine an alternative.

Order at the Night School Shop and stream Pink Everything at The Wire Magazine here.

3 August 2016

Happy Meals: Fruit Juice E.P.

Back in the mists of 2014, we stumbled across a duo who were just starting out making music together – a synergistic, cosmic love module brewing in a corner of Glasgow. After their debut Apéro, the group toured the world, expanded their sound and practice, grew in confidence and now unveil Fruit Juice, a 25 minute Extended Player that goes further out and in than Apéro

Fruit Juice comes with an exclusive fanzine prepared by Happy Meals called Tomorrow’s Cookbook. Every sleeve on the 12″ is individually hand-marbled, no sleeve is the same.

Buy from the Night School Shop or from your favourite local record shop, worldwide.

19 May 2016

Night School All Day

nightschoolalldayhalftone small

All Day And All Of The Night:

We are thrilled to present 9 of our favourite artists under one roof at the onset of Summer. On Bank Holiday Sunday May 25th Molly Nilsson and Group Rhoda will join Meddicine, Yong Yong, Clip Art, Hausfrau, Ubre Blanca, Happy Meals and Apostille at the Glasgow Art School. There will be a BBQ from 1am and dancing till 3am. The first 100 people through the door will receive a tape compilation You Know Where You Are featuring sounds from the 9 artists involved.

Screenprinted posters by artist Lucy Jones will also be on sale on the day.


In other news, the delayed LPs by Molly Nilsson and Charcoal Owls will begin shipping next week

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1 May 2014