The Space Lady’s Other Hits…

The Space Lady
The Space Lady’s Other Hits
(Night School, 2024)

Casual followers of Night School will probably already know how much The Space Lady’s music means to the label’s history and maybe to me personally too. It’s one of the greatest privileges I’ve had to have chanced upon the music of Susan Dietrich Schneider and to have had a hand in spreading the word around the world. That word is “love,” of course.

Back in 2010, when I made “first contact,” the sole recorded output was a CD that The Space Lady waxed in 1990 to sell on the street corners of San Francisco that were her performing home. It contained 16 songs of celestial messaging, absolute humanity, the equivalent of a hug from space itself. What if space wasn’t a massive vacuum, but a universal welcome?

When we prepared The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits in 2013, the first widely available document of her music, we had to make the economic decision to shave off the last 6 songs of Susan’s original CD to make it a single LP. The first pressing of the CD had these songs as a bonus disc and they are available for streaming, but The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits as it was presented in the physical realm was incomplete.

To remedy this, this April we’re pressing the last 6 songs from the 1990 recording session on a companion piece called The Space Lady’s Other Hits. They include live favourite Radar Love, a borderline avant take on Shakin’ All Over and a sparkling original composition called Slapback Boomerang, another live favourite. This 12” Mini LP has been remastered by Mikey Young and sounds incredible. I’m as much of a digital music consumer as anyone but seriously, listening to this music on a record is like hugging that universe back.

The Space Lady’s Other Hits will be available at your local independent record shop this Record Store Day, April 20th. Edition of 500 on clear vinyl.

22 March 2024