There comes a point in every label’s life, I think, when you’re involved in something that just cuts so deep it feels like the most important thing in the world. Of course, in time, life moves on and the release you’ve been working on recedes a little in your mind. Some things just never do, though.

When we first got the finished songs for Molly Nilsson’s Zenith, I was more floored than ever that this songwriter could consistently map out the affairs of the heart so perfectly and vividly. I was even more floored that Night School was lucky enough to collaborate with Molly and her label Dark Skies Association at spreading the word. As with everything this label does, it goes beyond business. The first time I heard “” I straight up cried my eyes out. OK, maybe I was in a fragile state of mind at the time, maybe there was other stuff going on, or maybe it’s ok to not have to make excuses and just admit that you have these kind of emotional responses to songs. It really is ok to admit it.

The business side of all this is that Zenith has just been repressed on Translucent pink vinyl. If you want you can order one and I’ll send you one. Maybe though, I just like posting these overwrought, emotional posts whenever we repress a Night School classic.

22 May 2018