Molly Nilsson: 2020

Molly Nilsson’s new album 2020 will be released on October 21st. Even with standards set so high already, we believe it’s her best, most open and emotionally involved album to date.

Serious Flowers is the first track to be unveiled. We don’t care if the world is screwed, every night is new.

9 July 2018

Night School Presents…

Night School Presents
(Poster incoming)
Friday 10 August



Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Cadence Weapon – aka Rollie Pemberton – makes his Glasgow debut in support of his eponymous record. Since 2005’s Breaking Kayfabe, Cadence Weapon’s productions have sharpened and teased envelopes, brining in leftfield influences as well detouring recognised Hip Hop tropes. Featuring productions by KAYTRANADA, Jacques Greene, FrancisGotHeat, Blue Hawaii, Harrison and more, this record finds Cadence refining his songwriting as he explores themes of individuality, race, technology and existentialism through his expressive lyrics. Live, Cadence Weapon’s brings a fire that threatens the speakers’ integrity.


Arbutus Records’ Quixotic singer is a one-in-a-million performer. Not many singers can sail so close to the edge of consciousness, Savage constantly tests the boundaries of his thumping heart, singing songs that are shorn of pretence, instead full-to-bursting with the adventures of a soul who feels too much and wants to share. Above and beyond the songs’ unfettered abandon, Savage possesses one of the most instantly recognisable falsettos in the underground: a falsetto that can soar with a flying, soulful ecstasy before it swoops down in cracked emotion. You’re never quite the same after an SNS show.

Support from APOSTILLE

Come round to our house, first hug free.


3 July 2018

Free Love

Check out the wild dreaming, beacons of humanity that are Free Love (ex Happy Meals) on The Quietus, with a new video and track here

21 June 2018

AMOR Debut

Happening right now: AMOR are recording their debut album. Stay tuned…

20 June 2018


There comes a point in every label’s life, I think, when you’re involved in something that just cuts so deep it feels like the most important thing in the world. Of course, in time, life moves on and the release you’ve been working on recedes a little in your mind. Some things just never do, though.

When we first got the finished songs for Molly Nilsson’s Zenith, I was more floored than ever that this songwriter could consistently map out the affairs of the heart so perfectly and vividly. I was even more floored that Night School was lucky enough to collaborate with Molly and her label Dark Skies Association at spreading the word. As with everything this label does, it goes beyond business. The first time I heard “” I straight up cried my eyes out. OK, maybe I was in a fragile state of mind at the time, maybe there was other stuff going on, or maybe it’s ok to not have to make excuses and just admit that you have these kind of emotional responses to songs. It really is ok to admit it.

The business side of all this is that Zenith has just been repressed on Translucent pink vinyl. If you want you can order one and I’ll send you one. Maybe though, I just like posting these overwrought, emotional posts whenever we repress a Night School classic.

22 May 2018

Prostitutes: Aluminum Garage

Announcing the new 12″ of Body Music by Cleveland, Ohio’s Prostitutes aka Jim Donadio. 4 tracks of outrageous fun, condensed into terse rhythms influenced by Drum and Bass, Gabber, Electro and Donadio’s own sense of the funk.

In past 3 years, Donadio has racked up critically praised releases on labels like Diagonal and CGI, refining his wares into a precise, bludgeoning toolkit that surprises and develops with each release. Aluminum Garage creeps into life with Born Wanderer, before a sub-heavy kick and bongo pattern blasts into a heavy break that feels like the earth moving from under your feet. With the utmost clarity, the track builds disparate layers – a white noise solo, warped sample piano chords straight from 1986 – into a Rave-o-matic climax, holding steady with the BPMs and immeasurably funky. Jah Elegant further blows apart any image we have of Prostitutes’ music as “austere” with a loping intro based on teased drum samples and a ghost MC. The Jungle break comes in by stealth before the heavy drop blasts the music into Drum + Bass momentum. It’s both blistering fun and undeniably cheeky, a driving track that cuts up Remarc on a dimly lit table in suburban Ohio.

On Side 2, Errant Seagull takes the genre mess into techno territory though put through a heavily distorted grinder. Built around a skeleton of sampled bass guitar and thumping kick, the track layers drums upon drums, building in saturation until a searing synth strafes the criss-crossing rhythms. The effect is dizzying, insuring both a propellant, heavy forward motion and a grimey, angst-ridden climax. Before we’re at the end of the track, the stereo field is so filthy with distortion and analogue muck the listener is desperate for a palette cleanser. Final track Shroud of Cellophane however, doesn’t let up. With a ramped up BPM we’re in a Cyberpunk Gabber club, nothing but 160 beats per minute, layers of frequency-tweaked noise and the light at the end of the tunnel racing towards us. It’s sweet oblivion and we’ve earned it.

16 May 2018

2 Sad 2 Funk Video

Watch the epic video for 2 Sad 2 Funk by Young Guv here. It’s truly epic, in the correct sense of the word. Drone cameras, trains, motorbikes.

We’re Here For It

10 May 2018

Young Guv: 2 Sad 2 Funk Now Shipping

Now Shipping from the Night School Shop.

The 100% *Official Version* of Young Guv, 2 Sad 2 Funk LP on black vinyl, comes with 2 Pantone Vibrant colour sleeve and for the first 50 customers only one of two Special Edition Scents created by the Young Guv Team. You will receive either Scarberian Bluff or 2 Piece Chicken with YOUR order of 2 Sad 2 Funk.

What are YOU waiting for? Order your Scarberian Bluff 2 Sad 2 Funk Piece of Chicken TODAY.

9 May 2018